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Regional Outline for Eastern Europe 8000 – 600 CE 600 – 1450 CE 1450-1750 CE 1750 – 1914 CE 1914 - Present Politics Religion based Hierarchal system Delegation of responsibility Bureaucratic codification 6 th century Justinian rule – restore Rome Mongol invasion 1237-1241 - Russia divided into small kingdoms Tartars control - left day to day control to locals Ivan III/IV - Free from Mongols – 1480 Empire expanded eastward Russia – centralization of authority Peter the Great – St. Petersburg as capital Parliamentary government Secret police First Russian navy Russia – tsar continued to be all powerful Prussia – remained militaristic and authoritarian Duma created, but no real power Local rulers – zemstvoes regulate roads, schools Military officers based on meritocracy Tsarist regime falls apart Army in full retreat USSR formed – collapses following cold war Soviet troops occupy all of eastern Europe Gorbachev tries to reform frees E. European nations updated authoritarian structure in reality Economy Byzantine empire
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