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Unit 5: The 20 th Century Classwork and Homework Date Day Classwork Homework 15 Wed Unit 4 Exam Pages 662-667 1) Read and Take Notes 17 Fri Go Over Test Major Themes Unit 5 Chapter Powerpoint Chapter 28 1) Read 2) Notes 3) Applicable Maps 4) Outline In-Depth Section 5) Read and analyze documents 6) Answer chapter questions Chapter Powerpoint 21 Tues WWI and Aftermath Chapter 29 Chapter Powerpoint 23 Thu The 1920s Chapter 30 Chapter Powerpoint 27 Mon The Great Depression and the Authoritarian Response Chapter 31 Chapter Powerpoint 1 Wed World War II and the End of European World Order Chapter 32 Chapter Powerpoint
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Fri The Cold War Chapter 33 Chapter Powerpoint 7 Tues Latin America Chapter 34 Chapter Powerpoint 9 Thu Latin America, Middle East, Asia Finish Chapter Powerpoint 13 Mon Turn in Chapter Powerpoint In Class DBQ Chapter 35 Take Home Exam Key Terms 15 Wed Nation Building in East Asia and Pacific Rim Chapter 36 Take Home Exam Key Terms 17 Fri Globalization and Resistance Essay Outline > Message Board Take Home Exam Key Terms 21 Tues Review for Exam Key Terms Take Home Exam Study for Exam 23 Thu Unit 5 Exam To be announced...
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