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Unit 1 – Key Questions/Essay Topics 1. In what ways did geography and climate affect the development of human society? 2. What were the economic and social results of the agricultural revolution? 3. What are the issues involved in using “civilization” as an organizing principle in world history? 4. What is the most common source of change: connection/diffusion or independent invention? 5. How do agricultural, pastoral and foraging societies differ? Use evidence from Africa, the Americas and Southeast Asia. 6. What was the impact of agriculture on the environment? 7. What was the importance of the introduction of bronze and iron? 8. Compare the basic features of two early civilizations? Choose two of the following: Mesopotamia, Mesoamerica, Shang, Indus 9. Compare the development of political structures in China with those in India. 10. How did social and gender structures in India differ from the Mediterranean? 11. Which regions were favored as areas of human settlement, given the technology available during the Classic period?
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