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Unit 2: Foundations: 600-1450 CE – 6 weeks (Revised September 26) Date Day Class Topics Homework Sep 13 Tues Chapter 6 Introduction Periodization One-Minute Speeches - Instruction Chapter 6 – Rise of Islam Speech Preparation Sep 15 Thu Islam As a unifying force Chapter 7 – Spread of Islam – Asia Chapter 8 – Spread of Islam – Africa Speech Preparation Sep 19 Mon Islamic political structures Arts, sciences, and technology Paragraph Response Sep 21 Wed Developments and Shifts in Trade Trans-Saharan Indian Ocean Silk Road Chapter 9 – Eastern Europe Chapter 10 – Western Europe Speech Preparation Sep 26 Mon Developments in Europe Chapter 12 – Chinese Civilization Speeches Sep 28 Wed China’s Internal Expansion Chapter 13 – Spread of Chinese Civilization Sep 30 Fri China’s External Expansion Chapter 14 – Mongol Empire Mongol Empire Reading Prepare for Shared Inquiry Oct 4 Tues Impact of Mongol Empires Shared Inquiry Chapter 11 – The Americas
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Unformatted text preview: Oct 6 Thu Amerindian World Shared Inquiry Mongol Empire Essay Oct 10 Mon Demographic and Environmental Change Chapter 15 Changing World Balance Compare Mongol Essay to Samples from Previous Exams Oct 13 Oct 14 Quarter Ends Thu Cultural areas vs. States Nomadic Migrations vs. Urban Growth How to Write a Change Over Time Essay Take Home Essay Change Over Time Oct 17 End Q Mon World Economic Period Roles of Elite Women Missionary outreach of religions Contacts between religions Outlines for Test Oct 19 Wed Unit Review and Essay Preparation Periodization of Post-Classical Era Outlines for Test Oct 21 Fri Test Unit 2 No Homework!!! Oct 25 Tues DBQ Instruction Practice Unit 1 Topics Take Home DBQ: Unit 2 - Practice Oct 27 Thu DBQ Instruction Practice Unit 2 Topics Take Home DBQ: Unit 2 - Essay...
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