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Unit 3: The World Shrinks: 1450-1750 5 Weeks Date Day Class Topics Homework October 31 Mon In-Class DBQ Unit 3: Periodization Read/Notes Chapters 16 and 17 November 7 Mon The World Economy The Transformation of the West Historical Fiction Short Story November 9 Wed Collaborative Exchange Cultural and Intellectual Developments Read/Notes Chapter 18 November 11 Fri The Rise of Russia Read/Notes Chapter 19 November 15 Tues Early Latin America Historical Poetry November 17 Thu Collaborative Exchange Change over Time Essay Instruction Read/Notes Chapter 20 Unit 3 Outlines November 21 Mon Africa and Africans in the Age of the Atlantic Slave Trade
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Unformatted text preview: Study for Exam Unit 3 Outlines November 23 Wed Test Multiple Choice + Essay No Homework! November 29 Tues The Muslim Empires Read/Notes Chapter 21 and 22 December 1 Thu Asian Transitions in an Age of Global Exchange Study for Exam Unit 3 Outlines December 5 Mon Test Multiple Choice + Essay Historical Correspondence December 7 Wed Collaborative Exchange Jeopardy Review Review for Final December 9 Fri Review for Final Review for Final December 15 Thu Final Optional: Chapters 23/24 Enjoy Winter Break...
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