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Astronomy Notes 1 - Introduction

Astronomy Notes 1 - Introduction - Astronom Notes 1...

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12/24/11 Astronom\ Notes 1 - Introduction 1/16 www.uni.edu/morgans/astro/course/Notes/section1/new1.html Introduction to Astronom\ and Motions of the Sk\ What's covered here: WhaW iV aVWUonom\ all aboXW? HoZ do objecWV, like Whe Moon, SXn, PlaneWV and SWaUV, appeaU Wo moYe in Whe Vk\? HoZ do Ze model Whe Vk\, in paUWicXlaU, Whe poViWionV of Whe VWaUV? Wh\ iV Whe NoUWh SWaU Vo impoUWanW? HoZ iV Whe Vk\ mapped oXW and hoZ aUe locaWionV defined? HoZ high aboYe Whe hoUi]on do objecWV geW? WhaW'V WhiV all aboXW WhaW e[acWl\ iV astronom\ ? WhaW do aVWUonomeUV VWXd\? The\ VWXd\ pUeWW\ mXch eYeU\Whing fUom Whe VmalleVW aWomV Wo Whe enWiUe UniYeUVe. ThaW'V a pUeWW\ Zide field of VWXd\, Wo Va\ Whe leaVW. The\ can do Vome UaWheU boUing WhingV VXch aV XVing maWh and ph\VicV Wo figXUe oXW hoZ Whe UniYeUVe and eYeU\Whing in Whe UniYeUVe ZoUkV - hoZ WhingV foUmed, hoZ Whe\ moYe, hoZ Whe\ liYe WheiU liYeV and poVVibl\ eYen hoZ Whe\ Zill XlWimaWel\ be deVWUo\ed. The\ look aW hoZ WhingV moYe, and Xnlike meWeoUologiVWV, Whe\ aUe able Wo pUedicW WhingV, VXch aV Zhen Whe SXn Zill UiVe, Zhen Whe Moon Zill VeW oU a Zhole VleZ of oWheU WhingV. Some aVWUonomeUV Vpend all of WheiU Wime gaWheUing imageV of objecWV in Whe Vk\ XVing a Zide Uange of inVWUXmenWV. Of coXUVe, WheUe iV noW a loW WhaW Whe\ can do on cloXd\ da\V - WhoXgh \oX'll Vee WheUe aUe e[cepWionV Wo WhiV UXle. AVWUonomeUV VWXd\ VXch WhingV aV planeWV, VWaUV, gala[ieV, moonV, aVWeUoidV, comeWV, Vpace dXVW, gaV beWZeen Whe VWaUV, gUoXpV of gala[ieV, black holeV, Whe Vhape of Whe UniYeUVe and XlWimaWel\ Whe faWe of Whe UniYeUVe. If \oX ZanW Wo Ueall\ geW an aVWUonomeU mad aW \oX, jXVW menWion aVWUolog\. ThiV Zill noW Zin \oX man\ fUiendV in Whe aVWUonomical commXniW\. HoZeYeU, like an old VkeleWon in Whe cloVeW, Ze (aVWUonomeUV) can'W ignoUe Vome of Whe concepWV WhaW aUe XVXall\ aVVociaWed ZiWh aVWUolog\. Of coXUVe, if \oX ZanW Wo make a loW of mone\ fUom a bXnch of gXllible people, become an aVWUologeU - I ZoXldn'W Uecommend iW, bXW iW can'W be denied WhaW aVWUologeUV can make Vome big bXckV, mainl\ becaXVe people aUe jXVW Woo eaVil\ boondoggled. JXVW UemembeU, if \oX eYeU XVe Whe ZoUd aVWUolog\ in claVV Zhen \oX acWXall\ VhoXld Va\ aVWUonom\, I jXVW mighW haYe Wo make \oX VWand in Whe coUneU. The hiVWoU\ of aVWUonom\ iV pUeWW\ long; in facW, \oX can Whink of aVWUonom\ aV Whe oldeVW of all of Whe VcienceV - noW Wo be confXVed ZiWh Whe oldeVW pUofeVVion! In VpiWe of WhiV long and noble lineage, Ze can'W ignoUe Whe linkage beWZeen aVWUonom\ and aVWUolog\. In facW, in Whe old da\V, aVWUolog\ ZaV eYen conVideUed a VeUioXV (!) Wopic of VWXd\, along ZiWh aVWUonom\. BoWh ZeUe impoUWanW, aW WhaW Wime, in WU\ing Wo figXUe oXW hoZ Whe Vk\ opeUaWeV. Wh\ ZaV iW impoUWanW WhaW Ze kneZ hoZ Whe Vk\ opeUaWed? In Whe old da\V, and I don'W mean 1974 b\ "old," befoUe Whe inYenWion of VXch anno\ing WhingV aV digiWal ZaWcheV, cell phoneV and oWheU modeUn biWV of Wechnolog\, people'V liYeV depended Xpon Whe Vk\. RemembeU, moVW people in Whe old da\V ZeUe noW foUmall\ edXcaWed, Vo Whe\ mighW noW haYe been able Wo XndeUVWand a clock oU a calendaU (Ueading ZaV geneUall\ onl\ foU Whe Uich and ZealWh\, and WhoVe Zho ZoUked foU Whem). MoVW people liYed in an
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