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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 Rocks Studying Rocks Naturally formed material made of minerals Naturally and other materials. and Building blocks of the earth. Provide metal & mineral products. Most are made of the same 20 minerals. Rock Groups Classified into one of three groups based on Classified origin: origin: • Igneous • Sedimentary • Metamorphic Igneous Rocks “Fire.” Formed as molten magma or lava cools. Formed Sedimentary Rock Formed when layers of sediment (small Formed weathered pieces of rock) are cemented together. together. Metamorphic Rock “Change.” Formed when heat and pressure change the Formed texture & mineral content of the rock. texture “Cooked rock.” The Rock Cycle Shows interactions in the processes that Shows cause rock formation. cause Sedimentary Rocks Pressure & sedimentation Weathering & erosion Heat & Pressure Sediments Weathering /erosion Igneous Rock Weathering & erosion Heat & Pressure Metamorphic Rock Melting Cooling Melting Magma Melting ...
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