ES Chapter 7-8 Weathering and Mass Movement Notes

ES Chapter 7-8 Weathering and Mass Movement Notes - oxygen...

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Chapter 7 -10 Weathering and Mass Movement Soil = combination of small rock fragments and organic material. Weathering = process that breaks rocks into smaller fragments to make soil. Can be affected by: 1) Composition of the rock (Soft rock weathers more slowly) 2) Climate (Sun, wind, rain speeds weathering) 3) Topography (Steep slopes have more weathering) 4) Presence of vegetation (Prevents weathering) Physical Weathering = Breaks rocks into smaller pieces. 1. Exfoliation – If rock is suddenly uncovered, the pressure 2. Frost Action – water freezes & expands in cracks of rocks causing it to break. 4. Abrasion – rocks get tumbled and broken apart. Chemical Weathering = changes the chemical makeup of t he rock 1. Oxidation = Iron & other chemicals in the rock combine with
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Unformatted text preview: oxygen in the air to cause rust-like materials to form. (Water speeds up the process.) 2. Hydrolysis = water combines with chemicals in rock to change composition. (Red color of clay is caused by hydrolysis) 3. Acid rain can break down rock. 4. Some plant roots produce acids that chemical change rock. Mass Movement & Landforms Mass Movement downhill movement of rocks and rock fragments due to the force of gravity. 1. Creep saturated rock material moves slowly downhill. 2. Flow saturated rock moves downhill at a noticeable rate. 3. Landslide dry soil or rock moves down a steep slope. Talus 4. Subsidence rock & material sinks to a lower level without sliding down a hill. Limestone dissolves in water; area collapses. Differential weathering = some rock layers weather faster than other & cause landforms like: Mesa Butte...
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ES Chapter 7-8 Weathering and Mass Movement Notes - oxygen...

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