H102 Lecture 11_ The Dawn of Liberalism_ Progressivism

H102 Lecture 11_ The Dawn of Liberalism_ Progressivism -...

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12/22/11 H102 Lecture 11: The Dawn of Liberalism: Progressivism 1/7 us.histor\.wisc.edu/hist102/lectures/lecture11.html SWanle\ K. SchXlW], PUofeVVoU of HiVWoU\ william P. TiVhleU, PUodXceU LecWXre 11 The Dawn of Liberalism: Progressivism HiVWoUianV ofWen deVcUibe Whe PUogUeVViYe moYemenW aV Whe XUban coXnWeUpaUW Wo PopXliVm. AlWhoXgh Whe WZo moYemenWV VhaUed Vome chaUacWeUiVWicV, Whe\ alVo had Vome impoUWanW diffeUenceV. MoVW impoUWanW, PUogUeVViYiVm foXnd VXppoUW among Vmall bXVineVVmen, pUofeVVionalV, and middle-claVV XUban UefoUmeUV, in conWUaVW Wo Whe diVgUXnWled faUmeUV Zho fXeled Whe PopXliVW moYemenW. In Whe end, hoZeYeU, boWh PUogUeVViYeV and PopXliVWV lefW a laVWing VWamp on Whe naWion'V hiVWoU\. ThiV lecWXUe e[ploUeV Whe oUiginV of PUogUeVViYiVm and iWV impacW on AmeUican goYeUnmenW and VocieW\. Some questions to keep in mind: 1. What social, economic, and political factors fostered the Progressive movement? 2. Compare the goals and accomplishments of the Progressives and the Populists. Which movement was more successful? 3. Wh\ might some historians argue that Progressivism was the "Dawn of Liberalism?" Definition of Liberalism: AlWhoXgh man\ hiVWoUianV Vpeak of a PUogUeVViYe "moYemenW," Ze VhoXld Ueall\ Whink of PUogUeVViYiVm aV an XmbUella, XndeU Zhich a YaUieW\ of UefoUm gUoXpV and championV of libeUaliVm gaWheUed. So, an\ diVcXVVion of PUogUeVViYiVm VhoXld begin ZiWh Whe meaning of "LibeUaliVm" aW Whe beginning of Whe WZenWieWh cenWXU\: GoYeUnmenW VhoXld be moUe acWiYe Social pUoblemV aUe VXVcepWible Wo goYeUnmenW legiVlaWion and acWion ThUoZ mone\ aW Whe pUoblem "Definition" of Progressivism: PUogUeVViYeV, WhemVelYeV, ZeUe neYeU a Xnified gUoXp ZiWh a Vingle objecWiYe oU VeW of objecWiYeV. InVWead, Whe\ had man\ diffeUenW, and VomeWimeV conWUadicWoU\ goalV, inclXding: 1. End Wo "ZhiWe VlaYeU\" (pUoVWiWXWion and Whe VZeaW VhopV) 2. PUohibiWion 3. "AmeUicani]aWion" of immigUanWV
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12/22/11 H102 Lecture 11: The Dawn of Liberalism: Progressivism 2/7 us.histor\.wisc.edu/hist102/lectures/lecture11.html 4. ImmigUaWion UeVWUicWion legiVlaWion 5. AnWi-WUXVW legiVlaWion 6. RaWe UegXlaWion of pUiYaWe XWiliWieV 7. FXll goYeUnmenW oZneUVhip of pUiYaWe XWiliWieV 8. women'V VXffUage 9. End Wo child laboU 10. DeVWUXcWion of XUban poliWical machineV 11. "Ta\loUiVm" 12. PoliWical UefoUm T\pes of Progressive Reform TheUe ZeUe foXU baVic W\peV of PUogUeVViYe UefoUm, and each UefoUm coUUeVponded Wo a ke\ ZoUd, UepeaWed Wime and again in Whe UheWoUic of PUogUeVViYeV: Economic--"Monopol\" SWUXcWXUal and PoliWical--"Efficienc\"
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H102 Lecture 11_ The Dawn of Liberalism_ Progressivism -...

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