H102 Lecture 18_ The Crash and the Great Depression

H102 Lecture 18_ The Crash and the Great Depression - Whe...

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12/22/11 H102 Lecture 18: The Crash and the Great Depression 1/1 us.histor\.wisc.edu/hist102/lectures/lecture18.html SWanle\ K. SchXlW], PUofeVVoU of HiVWoU\ william P. TiVhleU, PUodXceU LecWXre 18 Crashing Hopes: The Great Depression In 1929, Yale uniyeUViW\ economiVW IUying FiVheU VWaWed confidenWl\: "The naWion iV maUching along a peUmanenWl\ high plaWeaX of pUoVpeUiW\." Fiye da\V laWeU, Whe boWWom dUopped oXW of Whe VWock maUkeW and XVheUed in Whe GUeaW DepUeVVion, Whe ZoUVW economic doZnWXUn in AmeUican hiVWoU\. AlWhoXgh AmeUicanV ofWen belieye WhaW Whe CUaVh ZaV
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Unformatted text preview: Whe VWaUWing poinW of Whe GUeaW DepUeVVion, man\ hiVWoUianV poinW oXW WhaW iW ZaVn'W Whe Vole caXVe. ThiV lecWXUe e[amineV Whe UooWV of Whe CUaVh and Whe effecW of Whe GUeaW DepUeVVion on Whe AmeUican pXblic. Some questions to keep in mind: 1. Wh\ were Americans so confident in the stock market in the \ears leading up to the Great Depression? 2. How did the Ps\cholog\ of Consumption shape the causes...
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