H102 Lecture 20_ Dr. New Deal or Dr

H102 Lecture 20_ Dr. New Deal or Dr - H102 Lecture 20 Dr...

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12/22/11 H102 Lecture 20: Dr. New Deal or Dr. Win-the-War? 1/8 us.histor\.wisc.edu/hist102/lectures/lecture20.html SWanle\ K. SchXlW], PUofeVVoU of HiVWoU\ william P. TiVhleU, PUodXceU LecWXre 20 "Dr. New Deal" Becomes "Dr. Win-the- War" FUanklin Delano RooVeYelW'V FiUVW NeZ Deal ZaV folloZed b\ ZhaW hiVWoUianV chaUacWeUi]e aV Whe Second NeZ Deal (1935-1937). Like Whe FiUVW NeZ Deal, Whe Second NeZ Deal had iWV HXndUed Da\V, knoZn aV Whe Second HXndUed Da\V. ThiV lecWXUe e[amineV Whe UefoUm meaVXUeV of Whe Second NeZ Deal, economic backVliding in Whe ReceVVion of 1937, and Whe UeacWion of iVolaWioniVW AmeUicanV Wo gUoZing hoVWiliWieV in EXUope and AVia. Some questions to keep in mind: 1. Compare and contrast Father Charles Coughlin's criticism of the New Deal with the criticism offered b\ Hue\ Long. 2. How did the programs advocated b\ Hue\ Long resemble the programs of the Populists and the Progressives? How did the\ differ? 3. Wh\ do \ou think the Communist Part\ reached its greatest strength in America in 1935? 4. What are the basic concepts of Ke\nesian economics and wh\ are the\ important to understand when we discuss FDR's presidenc\? 5. How did Americans' attitudes about United States involvement in WWI shape their attitudes about involvement in WWII? The New Deal and its Critics If RooVeYelW'V FiUVW NeZ Deal (1933-1935) concenWUaWed on Uelief, dealing ZiWh Whe immediaWe iVVXe of geWWing Xnemplo\ed AmeUicanV back Wo ZoUk, When Whe Second NeZ Deal (1935-1937) focXVed on Vocial UefoUm iVVXeV. ThiV Second NeZ Deal came aboXW, in paUW, becaXVe of Whe Vocial conceUnV of Whe PUeVidenW and hiV FiUVW Lad\, EleanoU RooVeYelW, bXW alVo becaXVe of moXnWing cUiWiciVm--fUom Whe poliWical lefW and Whe poliWical UighW--of Whe policieV of Whe FiUVW NeZ Deal. Father Charles Coughlin One of Whe moVW Yocal cUiWicV of Whe NeZ Deal ZaV FaWheU ChaUleV CoXghlin (1891-1979), a conVeUYaWiYe Roman CaWholic
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12/22/11 H102 Lecture 20: Dr. New Deal or Dr. Win-the-War? 2/8 us.histor\.wisc.edu/hist102/lectures/lecture20.html Father Charles Coughlin (1891-1979), Catholic radio personalit\ and political activist Cop\UighW 1997 SWaWe HiVWoUical SocieW\ of wiVconVin pUieVW and poliWical acWiYiVW. CoXghlin bUoadcaVW hiV Zeekl\ Uadio VhoZ--"Golden HoXU of Whe LiWWle FloZeU"-- fUom DeWUoiW Zhich Ueached an aXdience of 40 million liVWeneUV aW Whe heighW of iWV popXlaUiW\. FaWheU CoXghlin'V UheWoUic ZaV a cXUioXV combinaWion of anWi-commXniVm, anWi-capiWaliVm, and anWi- SemiWiVm. AW fiUVW, he VXppoUWed Whe NeZ Deal, calling iW "ChUiVW'V Deal," bXW When he became incUeaVingl\ XpVeW aW Whe VloZ pace of UefoUm aV Zell aV hiV inabiliW\ Wo pla\ a majoU polic\-making Uole in Whe RooVeYelW adminiVWUaWion. In addiWion, he YieZed aV cUiminall\ ZaVWefXl Vome of Whe WacWicV XVed XndeU Whe AAA (AgUicXlWXUal AdjXVWmenW AcW) Wo limiW oYeUpUodXcWion: ploZing XndeU cUopV oU VlaXghWeUing liYeVWock. CoXghlin laXnched Whe NaWional union foU Social JXVWice Wo challenge Whe PUeVidenW, claiming WhaW RooVeYelW had "oXW-HooYeUed HooYeU." Hue\ Long
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H102 Lecture 20_ Dr. New Deal or Dr - H102 Lecture 20 Dr...

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