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Unformatted text preview: THE RENAISSANCE Renaissance time period 1300-1600 Started in Northern Italian city-states Italian Educated men and women of Italy hoped to bring back to life, the classical culture of Greece and Rome. Renaissance Renaissance Time of Time Great intellectual and artistic creativity. creativity. Renaissance Renaissance Did not take place over night and did not happen everywhere at the same time. same Northern Italy was different from the rest of Europe. Europe. A. Northern Italy was A. urban (cities) the rest of Europe was rural (countryside, villages). (countryside, B. Merchants dominated B. Northern Italy Northern The Italian Merchants believed they were great because of their individual merit. Italian Merchants Italian emphasized emphasized individual achievemen achievemen t Italian Merchants Italian Competed Competed as patrons (sponsors) of the arts. of Renaissance artists artists Painted Painted life like figures. (e.g. Giotto) Giotto Writers of the Middle Ages Ages Were Were concerned about religious ideas. ideas. Renaissance writers wrote about worldly concerns Dante Dante Bridged the Bridged gap between the middle ages and the Renaissanc Renaissanc Dante wrote in the vernacular (the everyday language of the people). Petrarch Petrarch Imitated the Imitated great Roman author Cicero. Cicero. New Values of the Renaissance. Renaissance. A. Celebration of the A. Individual. Individual. B. Love of Classical B. Learning. Learning. C. Enjoyment of worldly C. pleasures. pleasures. A. Celebration of the individual individual 1. Portrait 1. paintings paintings 2. Autobiographies B. Love of Classical Learning Learning 1. Humanists 1. studied classical writings from Greece & Rome. Greece C. Enjoyment of worldly pleasures. worldly 1. Renaissance 1. Humanists suggested that a person might love and enjoy life without offending God. without ...
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