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EmtPasg - Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment Temple College EMS...

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Unformatted text preview: Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment Temple College EMS Professions Pneumatic Anti-Shock Garment Pneumatic x PASG x Medical Anti-Shock Trousers x Military Anti-Shock Trousers x MAST Action Action Applies circumferential Applies pneumatic counterpressure to abdomen, lower extremities abdomen, Therapeutic Effects Therapeutic x Controls Controls external bleeding by direct compression direct x Controls internal bleeding under Controls trousers by: trousers – reduction of blood flow – compression of vessels Therapeutic Effects Therapeutic x Stabilizes Stabilizes –Pelvis –Femurs fractures Therapeutic Effects Therapeutic x Increases Increases resistance to blood flow in lower body lower x Shunts blood to: – Heart – Lungs – Brain x Produces Produces increased blood flow to critical organs critical Indications Indications x BP below 80 systolic due to hypovolemia x Extensive soft tissue trauma to or Extensive bleeding from abdomen or lower extremities with hypovolemic shock extremities x Pelvic/femur fractures with hypovolemic Pelvic/femur shock shock Absolute Contraindications Absolute Pulmonary Edema Diaphragmatic Hernia Relative Contraindications Relative x Bleeding above level of suit x Head trauma x Thoracic trauma x Advanced pregnancy (legs only) x Abdominal evisceration/impaled object Abdominal (legs only) (legs x Short transport times (<30 minutes) Removal Removal x At At hospital under supervision of physician who understands device physician x IVs established x Surgical team ready x Abdomen then one leg at a time SLOWLY Removal Removal x Deflation should take 20 - 60 minutes x If BP drops 4-6 mmHg, discontinue If deflation, infuse fluid deflation, x If BP drops over 10mmHg, re-inflate If re-inflate x Unstable patient may need to go to OR Unstable with MAST in place with Never deflate entire suit at once Never ...
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