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3 late complications of fractures d3

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Unformatted text preview: Late complications of fractures Late complications of fractures Outlines Outlines • • • • • • Delayed unioun Non union Malunion Avascular necrosis Osteoarthiritis Shortening • • Normally fractures unite within 2 to 5 months. Average times for fracture healing Upper limb Lower limb Callus visible 2­3 weeks 2­3 weeks union 4­6 weeks 8­12 weeks consolidation 6­8 weeks 12­16 weeks Delayed Union Delayed Union • a fracture that has not healed after a reasonable time • period (the time in which it was expected to heal) has passed. Delayed union means that there are no signs of beginning of union and the fragments are mobile 3 to 4 months after injury. • Signs of union: Callus formation, less mobility, less pain, and medullary canal formation. Delayed Union Delayed Union • 1. 2. 3. 4. Causes Poor blood supply Severe soft tissue damage infection Treatment complication • Excessive Periosteal stripping during internal fixation • Imperfect splintage ­ excessive traction ­ excessive movement at fracture site • Over rigid fixation Delayed Union Delayed Union • Signs: The fractured site is usually tender Acute pain when the bone is subjected to stress The fracture is not consolidated X­ray: ­ the fracture line remains visible ­ little or no callus formation or periosteal reacrtion ­ the bone ends are not sclerosed or...
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