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3 - Late complications of Fractures - D3

Symptomless avascular necrosis site site cause

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Unformatted text preview: ulation or by osteotomy and internal fixation In children • • angular deformity near the bone ends often remodel with time Rotational deformity will not In lower limb shortening 1. Shortening less than 2 cm: compensated by shoe raise 2. Shortening more than 2 cm: limb length equalization procedures Avascular necrosis Avascular • Certain regions are known for their propensity to develop • • ischemia and necrosis after injury. It’s Early complication because ischemia occurs during the first few hours but the clinical and radiological effects are seen until weeks or months later . Symptomless Avascular necrosis Site Site Cause Fracture neck of the femur. Head of the femur Posterior dislocation of the hip Proximal pole of scaphoid Fracture through the waist of the scaphoid Body of the talus Fracture through neck of the talus lunate Following dislocation Avascular necrosis Avascular • Consequences:­ Avascular necrosis causes deformation of the bone. This leads, a few years later, to secondary osteoarthritis and causes painful limitation of joint movement. • Diagnosis • X­ray – shows increase in bone density (consequence of new bone • ingrowth in the necrotic segment...
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