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Effectiveness c hivinfection hivinfection pregnant

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Unformatted text preview: irus because there is insufficient evidence on insufficient its effectiveness and cost effectiveness. effectiveness. C HIV infection HIV infection Pregnant women should be offered Pregnant screening for HIV infection early screening in antenatal care because appropriate antenatal interventions can reduce mother-to-child transmission of HIV infection. D HIV Rubella Rubella Rubella-susceptibility screening should Rubella-susceptibility be offered early in antenatal care to be identify women at risk of contracting rubella infection and to enable vaccination in the postnatal period for the protection of future pregnancies. pregnancies. B Streptococcus group B Streptococcus group B Pregnant women should not be Pregnant offered routine antenatal screening for group B screening streptococcus (GBS) because evidence of its clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness C remains uncertain. remains Syphilis Syphilis Screening for syphilis should be Screening offered to all pregnant women at an early stage in antenatal care an because treatment of syphilis is beneficial to the mother and fetus. B mother Toxoplasmosis Toxoplasmosis Routine antenatal serological screening for toxoplasmosis should not be offered because should the harms of screening may outweigh the potential B benefits. benefits. Toxoplasmosis Pregnant women should be informed of primary Pregnant prevention measures to avoid toxoplasmosis infection, such as: infection, 1. Washing hands before handling food 2. Thoroughly washing all fruit and Thoroughly vegetables, before eating vegetables, C 3. Thoroughly cooking raw meats Thoroughly 4. Wearing gloves and thoroughly washing 4. Wearing hands after handling soil and gardening hands 5. Avoiding cat faeces in cat litter or in soil. Screening for clinical conditions clinical Gestational diabetes mellitus Gestational diabetes mellitus The evidence The does not support routine screening support for gestational diabetes mellitus and therefore It should not be offered. B Pre­eclampsia Pre­eclampsia At first contact a woman’s At level of risk for pre-eclampsia level shoul...
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