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Lifestyle antacids may be offered to women antacids

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Unformatted text preview: regarding GPP lifestyle and diet modification. lifestyle Antacids may be offered to women Antacids whose heartburn remains troublesome troublesome A Constipation Constipation Women who present with Women constipation in pregnancy should be offered information regarding diet modification, such as bran or wheat fibre supplementation. supplementation. A Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids Women should be offered Women information concerning diet modification. If clinical symptoms remain If troublesome, standard hemorrhoids creams should be hemorrhoids considered. considered. GPP Varicose veins Varicose veins Varicose veins are a common Varicose symptom of pregnancy that will not cause harm and cause Compression stockings can improve the symptoms but will not prevent varicose veins from A emerging. emerging. Vaginal discharge Vaginal discharge Women should be informed Women that an increase in vaginal discharge is a common physiological change that physiological occurs during pregnancy. GPP Vaginal discharge If vaginal discharge is associated vaginal with itching, soreness, offensive with smell or pain on passing urine smell there may be an infective cause and investigation should be considered. considered. GPP Vaginal discharge A 1-week course of a topical imidazole is an effective imidazole treatment and should be considered for vaginal candidiasis infections in pregnant women. pregnant A Vaginal discharge The effectiveness and safety of oral treatments for vaginal candidiasis in vaginal pregnancy is uncertain and these should not be offered. these GPP Backache Backache Women should be informed Women that exercising in water, massage therapy might help to ease backache help during pregnancy. during A Clinical examination Clinical examination of pregnant women Measurement of weight and Measurement of weight and body mass index (BMI) Maternal weight and height Maternal should be measured at the first antenatal appointment, and the woman’s BMI calculated BMI (weight [kg]/height[m]2). (weight A Measurement of weight and body mass index (BMI) Repeated weighing during Repeated pregnancy should be confined to circumstances confined wh...
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