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Correction factor 1700 rule correction 1700tdd 1700tdd

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Unformatted text preview: • Bolus: NovoLog or Humalog Bolus: – Insulin to carbohydrate ratio – Correction Correction BG – target BG Correction factor Basal/Bolus Basal/Bolus • I:CHO = 450/total daily insulin dose = I:CHO amount of carbs 1 units will cover amount • Correction Factor: “1700 rule” = Correction 1700/TDD 1700/TDD • Glargine can not be mixed with any other Glargine insulins insulins Basal/Bolus Basal/Bolus • Glargine dose limited by which blood Glargine sugar? – 2 AM and breakfast • Which blood sugar is affected by the Which I:CHO ratio? I:CHO – 2 hour post-prandial NPH and Regular NPH • Advantages – 2-3 shots per day – “Easier” – less carb counting and Easier” calculations calculations • Disadvantages – – – Strict dietary plan Less flexible Less physiologic Basal/Bolus Basal/Bolus • Advantages – More physiologic – More flexible – Less hypoglycemia • Disadvantages – More labor-intensive (CHO counting, insulin More calculations) calculations) – At least 4 injections per day Diet Diet • Healthy, balanced diet – 50-60% total calories from carbohydrate – <30% fat – 10-20% protein • • • Carbohydrate counting No forbidden foods - moderation Eating too much will not cause ketosis Exercise Exercise • • • • Increases sensitivity to insulin Increases Helps control blood sugar Lowers cardiovascular risk Blood sugar usually decreases but may Blood initially increase initially • Hypoglycemia may occur during, Hypoglycemia immediately after, or 8-24 hours later immediately Exercise Exercise • • • Check blood sugar before, during, after Always have snacks available May need extra snacks or decreased May insulin (learn from experience) insulin – Usually 15 gm CHO for every 30 min Usually vigorous exercise vigorous • Do not exercise if ketones are present Psychosocial Support Psychosocial • Every newly diagnosed family should Every meet with a psychologist meet • Guilt • Anger • Fear • Denial ...
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