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Genital prolapse - Genital prolapse anatomical Uterine...

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1 Genital prolapse 5 th Year Medical Students 2005 Genital prolapse – anatomical Uterine prolapse Anterior vaginal wall prolapse – cystocele – cystourethrocele Posterior vaginal wall prolapse – rectocele – enterocele Other associated conditions – urethral caruncle; rectal prolapse; vaginal vault prolpase Uterovaginal prolapse Cystocele Rectocele First degree uterine prolapse
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2 Second degree uterine prolapse Third degree uterine prolapse Predisposing factors Congenital pelvic floor weakness – collagen, race, anatomy Difficult or traumatic labour - denervation Multiparity - trauma Chronic disorders – chronic obstructive airway, constipations, straining Abdominal tumours Obesity, smoking, heavy lifting Steroids, menopause, pelvic surgery Symptoms Pressure symptoms – weight dragging down Mass at introitus Low backache Urinary symptoms – incomplete emptying of bladder, retention of urine, recurrent UTI
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