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Won nobel prize for chemistry in 2003 won 9 aquaporin

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Unformatted text preview: ing Rh antigen in 1992. • Won Nobel prize for chemistry in 2003 Won • 9 Aquaporin isoforms- 6 present in kidney Aquaporin • Though present at birth, initially resistant Though to ADH action- hypotonic urine in infants. Aquaporins Aquaporins • 9 aquaporin isopforms- 6 present in the aquaporin kidney • Aquaporin 1 main channel in Proximal and Aquaporin distal tubules • Aquaporin 2 present in the CD is mediated Aquaporin by ADH • Aquaporin 3 and 4 present in basolateral Aquaporin surface of collecting duct Aquaporin channels Aquaporin Pathophysiology of SIADH Pathophysiology Treatment of SIADH Treatment • Fluid restriction Fluid • Salt / urea tabs Salt • Furosemide / salt tablets or saline Furosemide • Demeclocycline / lithium Demeclocycline • Hypertonic saline Hypertonic • Use of ADH receptor antagonist Use Furosemide use in SIADH Furosemide • No good clinical studies No • Treatment of the SIADH with Furosemide Treatment N Engl J Med 1981; 304:329-330 Feb...
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