Cervical lymph node bil polymorphous rash

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Unformatted text preview: ctival Congestion – Bil. Cervical Lymph node Bil. – Polymorphous rash Polymorphous – Oedema hands feet Oedema Day 7 28-28.04.064 Case - 3 Case – 2½ yrs. old Male Fever for 20 days Fever had exanthema at outset, with conjunctivits, red lips & cervical adenopathy Why this disease • No known aetiology • A vasculitis ­ affects medium sized arteries, esp coronaries • Heals by fibrosis ­­> Aneurysm / stenosis ­­­­­­­­> Coronary thrombosis. • Incidence 20­25% in untreated cases of KD Diagnosis : mainly Clinical Diagn...
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