Laboratory Data in nutrition assessment

Protein pool is directly the proportional to

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Unformatted text preview: : C-Reactive Protein • • • • Positive acute-phase reactant Increases within 4-6 hours of injury or illness Can be used to monitor the progress of the Can stress reaction so aggressive nutrition support can be implemented when reaction is subsiding can Mildly elevated CRP may be a marker for Mildly increased risk for cardiovascular disease increased Inflammation • • hs-CRP Homocysteine Urinary Creatinine • • • • • Formed from creatine, produced in muscle Formed tissue tissue The body’s muscle protein pool is directly The proportional to creatinine excretion proportional Skeletal muscle mass (kg) = 4.1 = 18.9 x 24hour creatinine excretion (g/day) Confounded by meat in diet Requires 24-hour urine collection, which is Requires difficult difficult Markers of Malabsorption • • • Fecal fat Fat-soluble vitamins Vitamin D Lipid Indices of Cardiovascular Risk • • • • • • Total cholesterol LDL HDL: HDL2a, HDL2b, HDL2c, HDL3a, HDL: HDLdb HDLdb IDL VLDL Lp(a) Nutrition Diagnoses and Laboratory Indices • Nutrition-related labs can be used either as Nutrition-related diagnostic labels or a clinical sign diagnostic Examples of Nutrition Diagnostic Statements Related to Lab Values • • Altered nutrition-related lab values (NC2.2) related to excessive intake of saturated 2.2) fat and cholesterol and genetic factors as evidenced by diet history and client history. evidenced Inappropriate intake of food fats (saturated Inappropriate fat and cholesterol) (NI-5.6.3) related to frequent use of baked goods and fried foods as evidenced by diet history and elevated LDL and TC LDL Examples of Nutrition Diagnostic Statements Related to Lab Values • Excessive carbohydrate intake related to Excessive evening visits to Coldstone Creamery as evidenced by HS blood glucose and diet history history...
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