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Unformatted text preview: MENSTRUATION MENSTRUATION Euphemisms Euphemisms Aunt Rose (other names) is visiting Bloody Mary Bitchy witchy week The Curse Blow job week Dracula’s tea bag Little Red Riding Hood in the woods Closed for maintenance Shark bait Red flag Old Faithful A bit of history bit Goddess-worshipping societies Menstruation sign of magic power: bleed Menstruation but not die but Vaginal blood (also from childbirth) Vaginal considered valuable considered Patriarchal societies: vaginal blood is evil, Patriarchal dirty, ruins what it touches, women isolated during menstruation. isolated Contemporary View Contemporary Disease model Pain Disability Mood swings Unwanted physical changes Shameful, embarrassing PMS Need for a pharmaceutical solution Pharmaceutical industry self-serving Many researchers and physicians on their Many payroll payroll Reinforcement of negative expectations Reinforcement through advertising through Negative expectations and anxiety Negative aggravate physical symptoms aggravate Possible contributors: Bad diet No exercise Smoking Endometriosis Cultural inhibitions re. women and anger Pharmaceutical industry’s role Pharmaceutical Profits from drugs to combat PMS, cramps, etc. cramps, Profits from “feminine hygiene” products Profits (pads, tampons) (pads, Profits from new drugs to eliminate periods periods Profits from selling more drugs to combat side effects of above drugs Sanitary products: Danger! Sanitary Ads promote anxiety about public Ads exposure and about dirtiness exposure Two billion $/year No controls or disclosures for ingredients No Bleaching agents carcinogenic (dioxin) Bleaching Absorbent fibers absorb protective moisture from vulva and vagina, causing drying and ulceration drying TSS (bacteria breeding ground) TSS Environmental Damage Environmental Disposable sanitary products contaminate water sources, both at factory sites and when disposed. when Dioxin affects fish, birds, etc. Dioxin If incinerated, toxic gases released (acid rain, global warming) rain, Alternative products are available! Alternative ...
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