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Unformatted text preview: ent: Repositioning Effective in 85% mild cases Alternate sleeping sides Encourage “tummy time” Discourage carseats Helmet 23 hrs/day Frequent adjustments Typically does not require NSGY referral When to refer? When to refer? True craniosynostosis 1/5­1/6 syndromic Increased risk ICP, hydrocephalus, Chiari Multi­D Team: NSGY, Plastics, Ophtho, Neuro, ENT, Orthodontics, Psych, Genetics, Social Work Neurosurgery: 3­9 months old Case 2 Case 2 Newborn female, term SVD No maternal hx; no family hx Physical Exam: Large, low AF ?Fused coronal/lambdoid sutures? Significant caput Hypertelorism Syndactyly on 3 extremities; clubfoot Broad, flat hallux Case 2 Case 2 Craniofrontonasal Dysostosis X­linked Variable expression (F>M) Genetics eval Orthopaedics eval Ophthalmology eval Neurosurgery/OMFS eval...
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