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Professional Development Workshop 4 Marketing ENTREPRENEUR PROFILE David Fischer VP of Advertising and Global Operations, Facebook VP of Global Online Sale and Operations, Google Deputy Chief of State, US Treasury Department David Fischer has had an atypical trajectory within marketing that gives him a unique perspective and a great appreciation for the field. Recognizing that marketing can be an intricate concept, he focuses on simplifying it and making it more universal. While marketing is multifaceted and does call for strategy, it is often assumed that a complicated and over-theorized model is the foundation of any good marketing plan. Wrong. In dealing with Facebook’s worldwide expansion into social media and sales, he advocates that creating a solid buzz about a great service is the most effective approach. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective marketing there is, bar none. Fischer utilizes three pillars to help care and follow a path to get there, and ultimately achieve marketing success: CONNECT From site pages to email marketing newsletters, it’s important to build social options into every element of marketing. Half of the web’s top sites miss opportunities to connect with visitors because they don’t add sharing buttons to their blog posts or news content. Fisher advised marketers not only to add social options to every campaign they run, but make it a core element. Instead of simply adding share buttons on a completed email newsletter, think of ways to encourage social shares, speak directly to users and promote social pages as the content of the email is planned. ENGAGE “With Facebook, people can feel like they’re part of your brand,” said Fisher. Once marketers catch customers and potential customers’ interest with their social campaigns, it’s time to invite them to participate. User- generated content is essential to maximizing a business’ reach and to involving them in the branding process. Winning this level of investment can pay off as consumers recommend brands they interact with (for example, 60 percent of Twitter users advocate for brands they follow). Some of the proven best practices include posting and answering Twitter questions, encouraging comments on blog posts and sharing visual content on Facebook
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Workshop_4,_Marketing - Professional Development Workshop 4...

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