Alcoholism-2 - Motivational Interviewing (MI) is another...

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ALCOHOLISM What are Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence? Most of us drink alcohol. A large survey showed that about 75% of Canadians drank alcohol in the previous year, 25% exceeded low-risk consumption guidelines and about 6% drank heavily every week (five or more drinks per occasion). Many people who misuse alcohol have occasional problems in their lives because of alcohol such as social/family, legal, health, or financial difficulties. Some people experience so many problems because of their drinking that they can be considered to have an Alcohol Disorder. Alcohol abuse occurs when there are ongoing negative consequences from drinking. Alcohol dependence, or alcoholism , is more severe and occurs when people have problems stopping drinking. About 20% of men and 8% of women are alcohol dependent. Is alcoholism a disease? Some experts believe alcohol dependence is a disease that cannot be cured, just like diabetes. This is known as the medical model. They believe that alcohol dependent people have no control over their alcohol use and that their disease can only be managed by avoiding alcohol altogether. Other experts argue that alcohol dependence is a psychological disorder rather than a disease. They do not believe that alcoholism is an incurable disease. Experts from this perspective believe that people attempting to recover from alcohol disorders can choose to stop drinking altogether or can learn to drink moderately instead. Motivational Interviewing (MI) is another effective psychological treatment. MI is based on the fact that people with alcohol problems are at different stages of readiness to change their drinking. Some are completely ready and simply need help to change. Others are thinking of changing but
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Alcoholism-2 - Motivational Interviewing (MI) is another...

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