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Unformatted text preview: s previously functioning in occupational roles Was despite PTSD symptoms despite No history of PTSD treatment Current stressors: Death of parents, lay-offs, Current financial, health concerns and chronic pain (related to service) (related Severe Depression Veteran’s values and goals Veteran’s Values: Reparation* Providing for families (children*) Self-Reliance Goals: Resume work Provide for family members Improve health (related to first two goals) Vicious Circle Vicious Lack of employment Lack of financial resources Inability to $ support families Decreased visits with grandchildren Decreased Increased depression Decreased motivation for health/wellness Increased physical pain Difficulties seeking employment opportunities Difficulties (health related) (health Example Assignments Example Diet Walking (failures and successes) Employment seeking Talk to friends and associates Submit job applications (not only in desired field) Begin work (not necessarily only in desired field) Spend time with grandchildren (telephone, visits Spend with or without bringing ‘gifts’) with Outcomes Outcomes No change in PTSD symptom severity No reliable change in depression scores Increase in quality of life scores Lost over 20 lbs Lowered high blood pressure Returned to work (incrementally moving toward Returned desired positions) desired Improved ability to provide financial support Increased time spent with family members Increasing non-symptom experiences experiences PTSD Depression Chronic Pain Increasing non-symptom experiences experiences PTSD Depression Chronic Pain Address common myths about activation and change activation Will-power or “Nike” model of change Too similar to “just get over it” Address common myths about activation and change activation Emphasize Role of the therapist Role Focused activation based on careful Focused behavioral analyses Graded task assignment Difficulty of change Discussion, Questions, and Future Directions Future BA may have potential as a treatment for PTSD and BA Chronic Pain symptoms, especially to address quality of life Chronic BA may be an appropriate, first line intervention as part of a BA stepped care approach to treating recently returning combat veterans veterans Initiated open trial of BA for recently returning combat Initiated veterans with PTSD delivered in a Primary Care Clinic veterans Planned randomized, multi-site study for returning combat Planned veterans veterans Workshop overview Workshop Basic epidemiology and patient characteristics A model of integrated care for OIF/OEF veterans Federal and State collaboration in Washington State An...
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