She hateful expresses a great deal of affection and

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Unformatted text preview: expresses a great deal of affection and has difficulty not being in close contact with her contact Projection Dislike of mother is projected onto female therapist who she feels is cold, Dislike aloof and uncaring aloof Sublimation Hate of mother has led her to channel her feelings into charities which Hate prevent child abuse prevent Displacement Hate toward mother cannot be channelled to her for fear of retaliation along Hate with anxiety and guilt. Instead she becomes very irritable and critical of her husband for no apparent reason husband Neofreudians Neofreudians Jung - 1875 - 1965 rejected emphasis Jung on sexuality on Erikson - 1909 - 1993 lifespan Erikson development development Adler - 1870 - 1937 compensation for Adler feelings of inferiority = important feelings Contemporary Approaches Contemporary Kleinke 1994 - Therapeutic goals overcoming demoralisation and aging overcoming hope hope enhancing mastery and self-efficiency overcoming avoidance becoming aware of one’s becoming misconceptions misconceptions accepting life’s realities achieving insight Depression Depression Develops Experience disappointment e.g. loss of Ex...
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