Despite a recent financial setback in the home

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Unformatted text preview: to work despite a recent financial setback in the home. Techniques Techniques Free association Insight Working through Dream analysis Analysis of transference Mary - Techniques Mary Free association Mary encouraged to say whatever is on her mind no matter how silly or Mary embarrassing embarrassing Insight Mary learns she really hates her mother and her panic is partially a guilt Mary reaction to her wish that her mother had died when she experienced episodes of panic episodes Working through Learns to accept and cope with her insight concerning the hate she Learns experienced towards her mother experienced Dream analysis Reports dream that came to therapy session and the therapist was not Reports there to see her. In discussing dream reports fears of being abandoned by her therapist as well as other important figures in her life life Analysis of transference Mary’s feelings of love and longing for her father are projected on to her Mary’s male therapist male Ego Defense Mechanisms Ego 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Repression Denial Reaction formation Projection Sublimation Displacement Mary - Ego Defense Mechanisms Mary Repression Hate of her mother is so anxiety and guilt provoking that she does not allow Hate these to become conscious, keeping them repressed in her unconscious Denial Denial Denies having hateful feelings towards her mother Reaction formation Hateful feelings are so powerful that she behaves in a very loving way. She Hateful...
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