Forbidden extended to include reaction formation

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Unformatted text preview: rbidden Extended to include reaction formation, Extended sublimation and projection. sublimation Transference Transference Feelings of patient for therapist. Feelings Initially seen as a nuisance, but later encouraged as a re-enactment of earlier significant relationships. significant Exploration of transference used as therapeutic Exploration tool. tool. Counter transference = reactions of therapist to Counter patient. patient. Developmental stages Developmental Oral Anal Phallic Latency Genital Fixation can occur at any stage of Fixation development and is apparent as personality traits or revealed at times of stress. stress. Extended by Erikson (1963). Mary - Background Mary 50 year Irish Catholic Caucasian woman Lives with husband Mother of 3 adult children Never worked outside home Significantly overweight Following death of father from a cardiac arrest Following when she was 5 she was raised by a single mother mother Mother suffered from panic attacks. Mother was eldest of 2 children having a brother 2 Mother years her junior years Mary –Presenting Problem Mary Frequent and severe panic attacks involving Frequent symptoms of rapid breathing, trembling, faintness and intense fear faintness Episodes only occur outside her home Fears she will die of a heart attack Symptoms have confined her to home and othe Symptoms ‘safe’ locations, such as church and her daughter’s house daughter’s Expressing marital conflict, centreing round her Expressing perceived inability...
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