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Unformatted text preview: perience loved one loved Loved one cannot be abandoned and Loved affection transferred to someone else affection Person identifies with the other and Person internalises him/her internalises Attacks on self are seen as attacks Attacks against loss or disappointing person against Key Features Key Depressed individuals have difficulty giving up Depressed what they have lost what Repressed hostility Inner conflict Depression = emotional expression of a state of Depression powerlessness of the self to achieve and live up to strongly held wishes. to Anxiety Anxiety Anxious feelings arise from internal Anxious conflicts or impulses of which individual is not aware. Early loss or separation may lead to anxiety in adult. adult. Aim to trace feelings back to origins Aim in childhood by making interpretation. interpretation. OCD OCD Linked to anal-sadistic stage of development Toilet training = important Association = anger and aggression Those who do not successfully negotiate this Those stage of development = vulnerable to OCD stage Humanistic Approaches Humanistic Key = self actualizing Carl Rogers (1902-1987) Person centred Carl therapy therapy Therapist passive role - few interpretations give individual chance to develop Unconditional positive regard. Empathy Relationshi...
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