Oriented dynamic therapy appropriate for insight

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Unformatted text preview: riented dynamic therapy appropriate for Insight depression and mental discord depression Frank et al 1990 Frank Maintenance of gains following Maintenance medication medication Monthly IPT vs Monthly IPT + Monthly medication vs IPT + placebo vs placebo alone alone Relapse rate lowest in IPT+ medication Monthly IPT patients stayed well twice Monthly as long as placebo as Factors associated with positive outcome outcome Weinberger 1995 therapeutic relationship expectation of success providing experience of mastery or control providing over problem problem confronting a problem an attribution of success or failure Change is difficult Change Behaviour and thinking patterns = Behaviour difficult to change difficult Proshcaska 1984 - process of change 5 stages 5 levels 10 processes Poor Outcome Poor Characteristics of patient -Little motivation for change -Low tolerance of anxiety -History of inability to maintain satisfying -History interpersonal relationships interpersonal Characteristics of therapist -Lack of empathy -Impatient -Authoritarian Interaction or fit between patient and therapist...
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