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Making the Grade - little to do with academic performance....

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Alexis Johnson English 200 TTh 8:30-9:45 “Making the Grade” In “Making the Grade” Kurt Weisenfeld presents his argument that in college, grades should reflect performance, not effort, if society is going to be safe and progress forwardly. In the essay, Weisenfeld makes the point that many college students feel that effort is more important than academic performance when it comes to receiving a grade. He notes that his “graduate student calls it hyper rational thinking: if effort and intelligence don’t matter, why should deadlines?” He further supports his idea by saying that when students request a higher grade, their reason(s) have
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Unformatted text preview: little to do with academic performance. One popular reason a student has given is If I dont pass, my life is over. Despite these points, Weisenfeld suggests that it is society and its standards, not the students that cause them to think as they do. Because we live in a society saturated with surface values academics have taken a backseat and will only lead to self-destruction and social destruction when these students graduate and enter the work force....
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