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Ananth Bulusu (***-***-1891) Simple Pendulum Physics 211L (Thursday 12:30) Due date: 9-29-2011 Abstract The main objective of the simple pendulum experiment is to illustrate the relationship between the radius of a pendulum and the amount of time it takes the mass on the end to complete a full cycle (down and back). The experiment involves releasing a mass at ten degrees and recording the time it takes for the mass to complete one cycle. This process is done a total of ten times per trial; each trail uses a different length radius. A total of eight trails for each mass were carried out for a totality of sixteen trials, or one hundred and sixty individual runs. After the data has been collected the average times can be calculated, from there the student may find the uncertainties: the period uncertainty and the length uncertainty. From the cumulative data acceleration due to gravity can be found. Introduction
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Physics_211L_simple_pendulum - Michael Burket (*-*-7958)...

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