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Dance of Primitive period

Dance of Primitive period - Dance of Primitive period...

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Dance of Primitive period -- contemporary ballet Primitive Period (upto 3,000 BC) No spoke language or writing, dance was primary communications 2 specific reasons Religion and communications Four main types of primitive dance Dance as imitation Dance of medicine Commanatrive dance Dance for spiritual connections Ancient Period Primitive of dance, a temple dance, EX: Bharatanatyam, Grape Vine Dance (Greek) For religion, academic, and entertainment Middle Ages Christian Church controlled all of society Church said dance is evil, therefore dance is pagan/ evil One dance that come about: Dance of Death (Danse Mecabre) People danced to death Theory Dance of death Mental Disorder Physical Disorder Rebel against the church Court Dance Dances by royal people
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Folk Dance Dances by peasants Baroque era Catherine De Medici (Mother of Dance) Italian married in France Royal Family Marriages helped with moving the dance from Italy to France She introduced ballet to france First Ballet: La Ballet Comique de la Reine (The Ballet of the King) King Louis the 14th Known as the Sun King Because he danced the role of Apollo (The Sun King) In La Ballet de la Nuit (The ballet of the night) First Professional Dance School La Academie Royale de la danse (1661) First attempt to professionalize ballet dancers Proscenia Stage Separation from audience and performers Used as a stage nowadays Pierre Beauchamps King Louis’s ballet teacher First director of La Academie Royale de la danse He codified ballet terms and steps Five basic positions of feet and hands and steps, it is french terms because of him Also codified turn-out: toes point out to the side instead of parallel Jean George Noverre
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