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3aintro - ECON 3A Instructor Bob Anderson WHO AM I BOB...

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1 ECON 3A Instructor: Bob Anderson [email protected] WHO AM I? BOB ANDERSON UCSB Graduate of 1992 Senior Manager, KPMG, LLP- 1993-2004 RAFS, Inc. What does 3A Cover? Financial statements/ Accounting as communication – Income statement – Balance sheet – Statement of cash flows Processing accounting information Accrual accounting- the big question is When do we record something Time value of money Financial statement analysis Course Approach Mutually well prepared; – WILEYPLUS ASSIGNMENTS Comfortable pace (summer is fast); Lectures to be an expansion of what is in the book – Real World – Interesting and Layman’s terms
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2 Administrative Matters NOTE: All of the following is in syllabus Web-Page address is econ.ucsb.edu/~anderson Student preparation for classes – Class presentations on the web for review/ printing before class – Assignments will combine for 10% of your course grade, grading is very forgiving- see syllabus My office: NH 3039. Hours posted in syllabus – TA’s valuable tool--- 400+ students are difficult for one person to individually serve.
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