12-09-11 Sex determination

12-09-11 Sex determination - ZOL320 Developmental Biology...

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ZOL320 Developmental Biology December 9, 2011 Sex Determination Sex determination: Begins with genital ridge/indifferent (bipotential) gonad and preexisting structures: Wolffian and Mullerian ducts and external tubercule o Can form either male or female-specific structures Coordination of sexual characteristic development throughout the embryo is through testosterone and estrogen released from gonad after the decision. Decision to form testis or ovary depends on master regulatory transcription factor expression (may use sex hormones) I. Developmental anatomy Similar to lab Rectum aka hindgut Bladder forms from urogenital sinus Sexual differentiation between 5 th and 12 th week Metanephros (mature and final kidney) Wolffian duct converted into vas deferens in male Mullerian duct in female not shown gives rise to oviduct and uterus and some of vagina Labeling on exam Cloacal septum development o Septum reaches proctodeum and then separate openings for urogenital sinus and anus form Cloacal septum = urogenital septum Summary of male hormone effects from testis Testosterone o Leydig cells 1. Genital tubercule and genital folds fuse to form penis around sinus opening
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12-09-11 Sex determination - ZOL320 Developmental Biology...

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