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9-26 notes

9-26 notes - • • • • • • • • Will be test...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-26-11 • • • • • • • • Will be test questions from handouts Type #1 of SUID: SIDS 1 year and under (death 0-1 month usually congenital condition) o 3rd leading cause of infant mortality o Most commonly in infants 2-4 months, rarely after 8 months o SIDS declined 50% since 1990s o “syndrome” don’t know what causes it o One theory: infants need to sleep on their back o Risk factors: stomach/side sleeping, soft sleeping surfaces, loose bedding, maternal/2nd hand smoke, overheating o Diagnosis of exclusion – why there must be an autopsy Type #2 of SUID: asphyxia or suffocation o Risk factors: loose bedding, stuffed animals, pillows, etc o Positional o Overlaying on shared sleeping surfaces often leads to this o Strangulation (bottles left in to sleep) o Choking Type #3 of SUID: metabolic error o Genetic disorder that stops the body from turning food into energy o PKU, urine syrup disease Type #4 of SUID: injury/trauma o “Shaken baby syndrome” Type #5 of SUID: unknown/unclassified o Sometimes if investigation or autopsy were incomplete SUID form to fill out for every investigation Bruise goes to fat and muscle – lividity only in skin o For every SUID, make two long vertical cuts to either side of the spine down the back and into the buttocks – will then be able to distinguish whether there was bruising or if it is just lividity ...
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