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10-24_notes - Types of hostile environments o Physical(car...

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10-24-11 Types of hostile environments o Physical (car, construction site) o Chemical (CO, fire) o Biological (TB) Personnel hostile environments: war, mob crowds, personal confrontations, suspect at large When you arrive consult the police officers about scene safety Traffic accident issues: chance of explosion, sharp edges and bumps, glass, secondary fires, weather conditions, surrounding traffic Investigating explosive fatalities: unexploded munitions, white phosphorus, falres and smoke bombs, delayed detonating bombs Environmental disasters: heat wave Physical hazards: weapons (usually turned over to police) Chemical hazards: gases and chemicals during fires, CO and cyanide (burning of plastic) Lividity is cherry pink? CO, cyanide, or hypothermia (cold) Bio hazards: needles, blood exposures Some chemical hazards you may need to contact HAZ/MAT team or Poison Center You can’t move the tape on scene but you can ask the police officers to do so
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