11-29-11 Movie - Ancient Treasures from the Deep

11-29-11 Movie - Ancient Treasures from the Deep - Organic...

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ANP 203 Intro to Archaeology November 29, 2011 Movie: Ancient Treasures from the Deep Shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea Found near the coast of Turkey Ancient sailors under King Tut; untouched for 3000 years 14 th century sketches of the ship taken to Texas (from the time of King Tut) Helps identify and date items from the ship Areal photogrametry to make topographic maps Set up horizontal bar Move camera sequentially along bar to form a pair of stereo photographs Records 3d position and orientation of every object on the wreck Survey wreck with long distance measurements Knowing exact position of an object can tell you if it was cargo, part of the ship, part of the crew’s belongings Found glass; unknown that glass inguts were traded this early. Compare artifacts to information in books; dates match, but nationalities don’t match. People that were trading the pottery weren’t trading for pottery, but moreso for the contents
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Unformatted text preview: Organic materials are well preserved underwater • Used yellow arsenic for coloring in pigment in ancient Egypt about that type • Found pollen; will do pollen analysis Discovered tin, copper, gold from Bronze Age • First discovery of tin this early on Found pottery of different nationalities in the shipwreck Resin in anfers = murr and frankensense Glass is chemically identical to mycenian glass and Egyptian glass Bronze disks in Cyprus and Syria • Finger cymbals (identified due to research) Further research conducted in other museums and with other archaeologists/historians • Comparisons to other artifacts supports the idea that the origin of the ship was Kenonite (sp?!) Ask sponge divers to help find shipwrecks...
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