11-04-11 Central Nervous System Continued

11-04-11 Central Nervous System Continued - a.iii.3. b....

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ZOL 320 Developmental Bio November 4, 2011 Central Nervous System (CNS) I. Developmental anatomy of CNS 1. Hydraulic pressure (In part) shapes CNS 2. Neural tube growth is faster in some areas (allometric growth) 3. How is dorsal-ventral differentiation specified? a. Specified in neural tube by gradient of 2 factors we’ve seen before. a.i. Notochord : Works as signaling center of Sonic hedgehog (Shh) a.i.1. Shh goes up into the neural tube a.ii. Ectoderm : Signaling center of BMP4 a.ii.1. BMP4 goes down from the ectoderm a.iii. A gradient of BMP4 going down and Shh going up forms a.iii.1. Starts specification of neurons a.iii.2. Later, the roof plate and floor plate of neural tube will become signaling centers and produce the morphogens (BMP4 and Shh)
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Unformatted text preview: a.iii.3. b. Know that neurons along the D-V axis respond to the gradient of signals (BMPs dorsally and Shh ventrally) to differentiate b.i. Motor neurons are ventral (Shh induced) b.ii. Sensory neurons are dorsal (BMP induced) b.iii. Interneurons : Make connections between dorsal sensory and ventral motor neurons b.iii.1. Many types of interneurons b.iii.2. Respond to gradient of signals b.iv. c. Experiment : What if you took a piece of notochord and moved it up higher? c.i. Notochord is still releasing Shh c.ii. Result: Motor neurons form where interneurons should form c.iii. Can induce motor neurons on the basis of this gradient with Shh being most important for original placement of neurons. c.iv....
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11-04-11 Central Nervous System Continued - a.iii.3. b....

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