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Greenhouse Effect CAM plants require very little water, C3 plants require the most Limitations of photosynthesis o Water o CO2 levl o Light o Temperature o Mineral nutrients (better in deep water in ocean that is stirred where nutrients can help Carbon Cycle o CO2 and H2) needed by photosynthesis to make organic compouds are used in respiration which give off CO2 and H2) and the cycle repeats Why CO2 has increased o Volcano eruptions o Fossil fuel burning (biggest factor)
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Unformatted text preview: o Clearing land o Making cement Greenhouse Gas o CO2 absorbs infrared light (heat) if we have too much the warmer earth will be because infrared light (heat) cannot escape Earth. Ozone Hole o Ozone is made when sunlight strikes oxygen. Ozone absorbs ultraviolet light (causes skin cancer) Acid Rain o If fuel is dirty and has nitrogen and sulfur they dissolve in H2O and produce acids. o This causes acid rain...
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