February_21-traits_in_humans - result of a dominant allele...

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February 21-traits in humans One change in amino acid causes sickle cell Number of genes, number of traits 1 gene 1 trait 1 gene multiple traits Many genes 1 trait Sex determintation o Ratio of men to women should be 50/50 o Actually ratio is 110 males to every 100 females Sex-linked traits o XcY-> Color blind male o XcX-> female-normal vision because x is dominant o XcXc-> color blind female If you are a color blind girl your father was color-blind Hemophilia is sex-linked Gene for sex-linked is X chromosome related Baldness is NOT sex-linked it is sex related In every female cell, one X chromosome is inactive Human genetics o Down syndrome Contain 3 chromosome 21’s instead of just 2 o Huntingtons disease
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Unformatted text preview: result of a dominant allele hh normal Hh huntingtons disease if you have huntintons when you are 40-50 you begin to suffer pains if you have a parent with the disease the offspring has a 50% chance of inheriting the disease o Sickle-Cell fibrosis CC-normal Cc-carrier Cc-systick fibrosis Central Dogma o Dna is a double helix and if you separate them, each strand will connect with a coinciding strand o Dna seperates, end up with 2 strands just the way they began o Dna stays in nucleus genetic into goes to cytoplasm o Rna is manufactured by dna o Rna moves to cytoplasm and finds a ribosome o The order of rna nucleotides give order to amino acids (protein)...
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February_21-traits_in_humans - result of a dominant allele...

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