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February 23-meiosis Leaf color o Trigger for leaf color:photoperiod o Modifiers: water, temperature o Colors: brown, tannins-> oaks, beeches yellow/orange->carotenoids->tulip tree purple->anthocyanim->maple, sumae good color from bright days and cool nights nutrients-> unloaded into leaf meiosis o chromosomes from mom and dad replicate o they then form a tetrad where genetic info is transferred back and forth mitosis o starts with mother nucleus o ends with two daughter cells with identical genetics Meiosis o Start with 1 nucleus to 4 nuclei o Tetrad o Result of daughter cells always haploid and genetically different
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Unformatted text preview: Dna is a double helix Dogma sees if it can replicate dna Dna replicates itself Dna serves as a template for making different forms of rna Dna stays in nucleus/rna can leave Replication of dna o Double strand seperates and replicates to make 2 identical daughter cells o Strands separate little by little and replicate (dont completely separate before replicating) o Dna polymerase Enzyme that makes dna o Rna polymerase Enzyme that makes rna...
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