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February 25-meiosis continued Replication starts in many places and goes in both directions Transcription (makes RNA) Translation uses rna to make protein One strand of dna is used to make rna (transcription) Triplet code o Contains 3 nucleotides are used in amino acids o AUG->starts o UAA, AUG, UGA-> stop signal Blue dna seperates a little, rna polymerase comes into make rna by using the dna template (RNA translation) 4 kinds of RNA Ribosomal rna (rRNA) o Rna used to make ribosomes Messenger rna (mRNA) o Carries message to make a certain protein Transfer rna (tRNA)
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Unformatted text preview: o Transfers one amino acid at a time to the ribosome Small interfering RNA (siRNA) o Change the way protein synthesis occurs Three things must be done for mRNA to leave nucleus o Cap placed on one end, long tail on other end o Parts of rna resulting from dna are cut out and thrown away o Exons are expressed as proteins Summary of translation o Gene regulation Genes are regulated by proteins that stick on the grooves of protein and turn them off o Genetic engineering Moving genes from one place to another in an intentional manner...
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