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February_28th-Darwin - Populations contain a lot of...

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February 28 th -Darwin Plasmid o Carries a gene with antibody resistance o Plasmids can spread to other bacteria can cut the plasmids and link on a new gene to insert into organisms to spread the gene can use to make more proteins start with gene from donor cell put gene into plasmids place plasmid into bacterium two functions carry antibody resistance carry genes restriction enzyme reverse transcriptase o using rna as a template to make dna o cdna (copy of dna made by rna) o way of taking a messenger rna to make sna for genetic engineering which makes the protein we need Darwin’s Thinking o Variation Result of slightly different genes and mutations
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Unformatted text preview: Populations contain a lot of variation o Organisms produce a lot of offspring o Natural selection Only a few survive Leads to better adaptation Those that are better suited for their environment survive o Evolution Change in gene pool o Adaptation Finding a match between genetics and environment around them o Population bottleneck Population becomes very small in number but then survives. This causes hem to have very similar genetics Lose genetic variation Offspring very similar to surviving parents...
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