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March_14-Water_Balance - o Mammals amphibeans sharks-urea...

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Water Balance 4 ways heat is lost or gained o Conduction Transfer of heat via direct content o Convection Transfer of heat via moving air or liquid o Radiation Transfer via electromagnetic waves->strength o Evaporation Loss of heat that loses liquid as gas (sweating) Thermoregulation o Metabolic heat production Moving or shivering o Insulation o Circulatory adaptations Changing amount of blood flow to skin o Evaporation Cooling o Behavioral Responses Migrating seasonally, bask in sun, baths Osmoregulation o Saltwater fish Concentrated, small amounts of urine Freshwater fish:dilute, large amounts of urine Disposal of nitrogen wastes o Birds and reptiles=uric acid
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Unformatted text preview: o Mammals, amphibeans, sharks-urea and co2 o Aquatic animals=ammonia Kidneys o Help to filtrate to provide our bodies with nutrients we need and let the rest leave in urine o Filtration Water, and virtually all other molecules small enough to be forced through the capillary wall enter the nephron tubuole o Reabsorption Water and valuable solutes are returned to the blood from the filtrate o Secretion Substances in the blood are transported into the filtrate o Excretion Urine passes through kidneys to the outside via the ureters, urinary bladder, and urethra...
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