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Female parts of oogenesis Ovaries o Site of generation of eggs o Uterus o Oviduct Opening at one end and connected to uterus Other end open to body cavidty to find their way into oviduct Oogenisis and the development of an ovarion o Mitochondria are inherited by women NOT males Menstrual Cycle o As FSh goes from a low to high concentration it signals a new follicle is coming up o As the LH peaks it triggers ovulation
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Unformatted text preview: o After ovulation the corpus lutium and menstruation begins • Hormone o HCG functions o When functions of HCG goes up it sends a signal to block follicle stimulating hormones o Keeps corpes lutium intact so it can continue to produce hormones (causing no menstruation) o If HCG in blood it is in the urine ->allows women to test for pregnancy with tests...
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