Review Chapter 3 (SPEA V-366; Managing Behavior in Public Organizations; Alex)

Review Chapter 3 (SPEA V-366; Managing Behavior in Public Organizations; Alex)

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Unformatted text preview: Review Test on Chapter 3 1) Your supervisor is trying to assess the degree to which those working for her are satisfied with their jobs. You are trying to gather information from your peers that might help her in her aim to improve job satisfaction. You should advise her that a single global rating question such as "Are you satisfied with your job?" will be as good an indicator as a more 50phisticated questionnaire. True ‘8) False 2) Employees at Acme Express are dissatisfied with working conditions, salary, and the general attitude of management. Mark, Susan, and Toni are good friends who work at Acme, yet each seems to be reacting differently to the problems at work. Toni has decided that she'll just get a new job and get away from the problem. Toni is dealing with her dissatisfaction through A. acceptance D, neglect B. loyalty E. voice @ exit 3) Mrs. Jonas believes strongly that it is important that worker's rights be respected, and that one of the more important ways of doing this is to ensure that all workers be properly documented. She is supervising a contracting company that is building a new warehouse for her company. While doing this she discovers that many of the workers employed by the contractor are undocumented aliens working for well below minimum wage. Mrs. Jonas is likely experiencing A. unresolved anger 9 ethical evasion " ® cognitive dissonance -s|,._ “m; \w. weW‘ 50" . social pressure C. uncertainty avoidance “W” i“ M “hm it “3 4) Janice is spending the summer working as an intern writing copy for a local firm. Today Janice's senior editor sent back some of J anice's work covered in red ink corrections. Up until now, all of Janice‘s work had been corrected in green or blue ink. Janice is upset and worried that her senior editor doesn't like her. Which component of an attitude is n_oj represented in the previous scenario?“ .. A. the negative component D. the affective component ’ W‘M\ B. the cognitive component CE) the behavior cemponent C. the positive component 5) Sheila works for a manufacturer of styrofoam trays for school lunches. Last year her son come home from school and told her that the trays she makes go straight to the landfill where they sit for hundreds of years without ever biodegrading. Although this information bothers Sheila, she does not look for another job because she enjoys her very high salary. Which dissonance moderating factor is illustrated by this example? ® High dissonance is tolerated because of a high reward. B. Dissonance is reduced because of the sense of control by the individual. C. Dissonance is increased because of the sense of control by the individual. D. Dissonance is reduced because of the importance to the individual. E. There is no dissonance moderating factor in the example. 6)In her work in the publishing industry, Vera seeks out new authors who she censiders promising. In the past two years she has found a number of new writers whose work she thought was exceptional, and immersed herself in the task of helping them shape their manuscripts for submission to her managers for publishing. Although she was extremely proud of the results, none of the authors she worked with were chosen for publication. Vera believes that the decision not to publish these authors was based on personal rivalries within management, rather than the quality of her Writers' work. She is extremely frustrated, dreads coming into work each morning, and is seriously thinking of resigning. How can Vera's job attitudes best be described? A. low organizational commitment ’ B; low job satisfaction and low job involvement C. high job satisfaction and low job involvement @ low job satisfaction and high job involvement E. high job satisfactiOn and high job involvement 7") Ramiro has been a forklift driver for the local grocery store for six years. He earns $32,000 a year. He works with a nice crew. He plays softball with his coworkers on the weekends. They also volunteer together at the local food bank during the holidays, and socialize with their families at summer picnics. Ramiro is highly satisfied with his job. Which of the following is the most probable cause of Ramiro's high job satisfaction? A. high stress I D. work itself B. pay E. promotion @ social context 8) Early studies of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) assumed that it was closely linked with satisfaction. More recent evidence suggests that satisfaction influences OCB, but through perceptions of A. out marketing D. productivity B. leadership ability E. fairness C. consistency 9) Rashid is dissatisfied at work. He feels he is paid too little and asked to do too much. To compensate for his perceived unjust pay, he regularly takes work supplies home for personal use, such as computer ink cartridges, staplers, and reams of paper. I Rashid‘s behavior is an example of \. turnover B. employee OCB K; customer satisfaction absenteeism workplace deviance 10) Which of the following is true regarding the relationship between satisfaction and absenteeism? A) No relationship can be established between the two. @There is a consistent negative relationship between the two. There is a consistent positive relationship between the two. D) When fairness is controlled for, there is a direct relationship between the two. E) There is a curvilinear relationship between the two. ...
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Review Chapter 3 (SPEA V-366; Managing Behavior in Public Organizations; Alex)

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