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9-7 notes

9-7 notes - • Less than 24 hours after entry in hospital...

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9/7/11 Coroner is elected, in some states they don’t have to be physicians (2 terms) ME is appointed for 4 years MI became an ME system in 1954 Small counties tend to have coroners (not many physicians willing to serve as ME) Must investigate unexpected death, death without medical attendance, death of prisoner, death by violence Information gathered during investigation is not subject to disclosure ME is only person who can sign a death certificate with cause other than natural MEIs are appointed by chief ME Office has the right to keep the parts left in “stock samples” for studies but if family requests the samples will be returned after studies complete Infant/children autopsies are paid for by the state; all others paid by the state All cremation permits must be signed by ME Family permission not required for autopsy except for documented religious reasons during medicolegal death investigation Institution-based DI: autopsy required NOK permission
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Unformatted text preview: • Less than 24 hours after entry in hospital requires a report to ME • Private DI o Usually occurs when case is declined by ME o At family’s request and expense • DI: history, circumstances, witness accounts, medical records scene investigation, autopsy, lab work • Report “critical data” – document every death reported; thorough and scientific information o Demographics (informant, decedent, ID, NOK…) o Death event info o Medical info • Jurisdictional determination • ID: visual, dental, fingerprint, DNA (try not to use visual when the death is traumatic… also not very accurate) • Always try to do notification in person • Make sure to ask decedent’s employment information • Death event information: location/time pronounced dead, found dead, last seen alive, any injury, 911 called, EMR arrived… • Note any resuscitation attempted...
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